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Unit 1 Material

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Project 1 Prep material

Defining Context - Eight Ways to Think and Write about Context.pdf


Rhetorical-Contextual Breakdown of On Dumpster Diving.doc (Daniela Schonberger - Spring 2012)

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's speech - discussion questions.doc (Daniela Schonberger - Spring 2012)


Paper 1 - essay organization sheet.doc and.... 

 Sample Student Essay 1 - RWS200.pdf (Daniela Schonberger - Spring 2011)

Sample student essay 2 - RWS200.pdf (Daniela Schonberger - Spring 2011) I think this one is a strong example to show the class).


Peer Review Worksheet:

RWS200 Peer Workshop Review Form - Paper 1 - Spring 2012.doc (Daniela) 

Essay 1 Peer Review.docx (Mariam) - Note: This prompt requires students to read their papers out loud while their peers follow along and mark up hard copies

of the essay. If you do not want your students to read out loud, be sure to edit it out of the prompt.



Department General Prompt

Dante's Inferno Prompt (Tyler)

The Odyssey Prompt (Mariam Kushkaki)

Erica's Paper Prompt 1.pdf (Erica Johnson)

RWS200 - Paper #1 Prompt.doc (Daniela Schonberger - Spring 2011)

RWS200 - Paper 1 prompt.doc (Daniela Schonberger- Spring 2012)

Paper #1 Prompt.docx  includes rubric (Leslie Kehrer- Spring 2012)

Sample Student Paragraph P 1.docx (Leslie Kehrer- Spring 2012)




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